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Jan. 30th, 2011

 What a week! it's been crazy busy. And something is stuck under the shift key...... 

Anyways. Maddy went to the Pedi on Thursday.. She is doing really well, no problems, still growing. for the moment. lol 
Amanda came with us. We went to Lunch afterwards, and then to Garden ridge to scope out the merchandise they are setting out for their big annual sale that's coming up, and then the grocery store. and eventhough we left the house at like 10 that morning, by the time we got out of the grocery store it was already 3:20, so we just went straight over to the school to pick ally up. No point in going home for 10 min. lol 
It was a fun day though! 
Friday i ran around trying to get the housework in order, and I needed to call Rosie, so that took a few hours, lol. And then Tonia asked me if I wanted to meet her at petsmart that night, so Dad came down to babysit, and Red and I headed over there to meet up with Tonia, Walker, and Tank. it was a fun meet up, for Dogs and humans alike. Bought a Kong Wobbler..... for Red... since he LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEES Kongs. Only... he hasn't gotten much chance to play with it as of yet. Lola has taken it over!! we were all shocked and cracking up watching Lola! it's like she's turned back into a puppy! she loves that thing! 
And then yesterday Tonia and I went out for lunch and then had our hair appointment. Always fun times! i don't think many people have as much fun going to get their hair done as we always have. :-P 
Today I have a ton of laundry to do, including all the couch cushion covers, an pillow covers. YUCK! 

So i've been saving up Amazon gift cards I've gotten, and been watching the specials i get through the amazon prime account (and can I just say how annoying this shift key is being!) and yesterday i FINALLY did it! i bought myself a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I got the big 6 qt one along with some attachments for the price of a 4 1/2 qt one! yea, still $230, but yano, I will use it a lot. i constantly make bread, rolls, pastries, noodles, and and and. so I'll be using it several times a week. i can't wait!! i've been wanting one of those for YEARS. I'm totally stoked!!!!!!!!!! it's scheduled to arrive Wednesday. I should be able to make some dinner rolls, UPS usually comes around 2pm. that would leave me enough time to whip some up. :-D
Yes, the little things in life.................... ^.^



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Jan. 30th, 2011 08:58 pm (UTC)
That's awesome on the mixer!! Let me know how you like it. My MIL has one, and it does something weird to the consistency of the doughs and mixes she uses. But she's really not into problem solving to improve her meals....I've always wanted one, but have been too nervous to get one due to how her things turn out. And no one else I know has one they use more than once or twice a year.
Jan. 30th, 2011 11:39 pm (UTC)
I've borrowed a friend's before buying one, cause some of the doughs i make, especially for french baguette, one kind of noodle, and rolls, are REALLY thick, so I wasn't sure if it could handle it... I never had any problem to it, but I wonder if it's a difference between mix and scratch? I make everything from scratch, so maybe I never have this problem cause I can easily alter the consistency of my dough/batter? cause from your wording i gather she uses pre-packaged mixes?
i can ask around in that case though, I know 2 other people that have one, and know for a fact they don't really bake from scratch ;-)
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